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So happy.

I just want to thank everybody who left a comment on one of these dolls. I have already emailed those that were selected this morning, and hopefully I will hear from them soon. Everybody will have 24 hours to get back to me, and if there is any unforeseen problem I will let everybody know if there is a change. However, I do hope everything goes alright, and that I can soon wrap these ladies and this sweet little boy, and wave them good-bye on their journeys to their new homes.

All your comments and excitement and kind words have showered me with so much joy. As a doll maker it is unbelievably rewarding to see that the little people we create really stir emotions in others, like in ourselves, and that they bring so much joy to other people's lives.

I am literally exhausted to the bone. Getting these dolls finished was NO easy task. With a Dad out of town, two little girls who are extremely active, and four little dolls that were in need of so much, it was no wonder the fire in the wood stove died on me constantly. I went through so much kindling just relighting the fire over and over. I got moments of desperation when I just thought I could not pull it off, when my back was killing me, my bum was so sore from sitting so long, and my hands! You don't want to see my hands or feel the pain I feel right now.

I kept tripping over stuff in my studio, there is fur everywhere. I had so many more sketches of things to make, sadly those didn't even make it to the cutting stage. But the dreams live on, and eventually they will find their way unto another doll.

This last week, and the previous weeks of anticipation and work, have brought many ideas to me. These four dolls are so special to me, if only because they made me realize that I am on a good path here. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity of creating them, and that there were people interested to bring them home and touched by them and their stories. Thank you.

Today I will clean my studio a little. Rest a little. Smile a lot. From now on all I have to do is wrap little people and send them away. Finish a few things here or there that some peeps are waiting for... and...the real "elving" begins for me and mine. Although I am tired and I need a little time to recuperate, I know that creating things for my family, bringing a beautiful tree inside the house, and going full force into decorating, will bring the needed impetus to create their toys and presents.

Thanks again for supporting my journey.

The meeting, and the friendship.

Narwhal, a winter lover