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Polaris, with Winter Spirit

The northern Star, the Polar axis, everything seems to circle around her. That is why I chose her name. She usually is the centre of attention in her little family, and the world does seem to revolve around her. But not in a bad way, in a very positive way, since she is always in a good mood, and has the brightest smile I have ever seen.

She is very good at reading the sky. Where she lives, and the sky is overcast it usually merges into one with the snow-covered land, creating one big, unending, massive landscape with nothing but white. In this environment it is very easy to be misled by mirages, and things not only seem to be there, but they also change shape and can move, although they were never there. Instead of looking onward to try to find her way, Polaris reads the sky. She says she reads the sky because it reflects the colours of the land and the sea below. She also says that her people do not measure distances by kilometres, but by "sleeps, which is the number of nights that they need to pass in order to cover a specific distance.

One of Polaris most favourite activities is to make bags. She usually makes them out of scraps of leather, as she was taught very early on not to waste anything because it is extremely hard for her family to gather any materials at all. So she also uses fish bones and stone carvings and decorates her bags very beautifully. Suffice to say, if you know Polaris you will surely end up with a little bag from her, a token of her love.

Polaris is a natural doll, inspired by the long canadian winters and the Inuit culture. She is 16" tall and is made of cotton and stuffed with wool. She is wearing her chenille cotton cape, trimmed organically with fur. A vintage linen cross-over top, trimmed with ric rac and a pair of velour pants (not photographed). She has a pair of mukluks made with bamboo canvas and trimmed with fur. Her hat is wet felted wool, edged with crochet and a big moose button. Polaris also comes with a long dress made of cotton, with super puffy sleeves and bound cuffs, peter pan collar and lace on front. Cotton aqua bloomers complete this extra set of clothes. Polaris is $325 USD plus shipping. Please leave a comment with your name and email address so I can contact you if you are chosen to purchase Polaris. Good luck!!

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