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So much history

I am completely floored and excited about this group of dolls I am making. Floored because I have been reading a lot about the myths of the Inuit, and excited because I just love how much they are taking shape and I love every single thing that is going on around here.

I am so touched by their culture, and the way they approach their life. A total "no waste" mentality, which is seriously stirring things within me in the way I approach doll making and how I have been conducting this crafting adventure of mine. More to follow on that later on.

I also had to take steps back and redesign a few things in regards to their wardrobe. Even though I would love to one day create a doll completely inspired by this culture, at the moment what I have to do is bring all this that is in my head and translate it to a playful doll. To make it accessible for a child, but still have elements of the doll that can speak of this culture. Simple, accessible, in toy terms.

Sometimes I wonder and dream about the pleasure that it must be to create a doll completely from the artist point of view. A doll that is made just for the pleasure of it. When I create dolls I envision them as toys, as tools for children and adults to rejoice through play. I am very practical in my activities, and although my dolls do have sometimes very fanciful outfits I still always create them as something to be played with. I am therefore so excited to see how these dolls are coming together, because I started with a different premise and the process and the realizations and the handwork has taken me through a slightly different road, and the dolls themselves are taking shape almost by themselves. I will have photos to share very soon!.

Polaris, with Winter Spirit

One last custom doll, my Snow Owl