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One last custom doll, my Snow Owl

Hurray! I just finished my last custom doll of the year! Like my friend Cathy says all the time: "I feel like dancing naked on the street". However, I will spare you and me the experience, as the temperatures around here do not allow for such extravagance.

She is a 12" size doll, the first one to have a bit of a wardrobe. She is a doll inspired by the world of Narnia and is a little Snow Owl, who likes to keep people awake at night.

She is for a little girl, who at such tender age, has had a very hectic but full of love life. It is my hope that this doll brings her and her family some winter peace, and much joy this coming holiday season.

She has a little twinkle to her eye (not the embroidery kind), and I am not quite sure how that is there, but when you look at her is almost like she is looking you back and winking her eye at you. Her chubby cheeks were dusted with magical freckles, the kind that will make little girls smooch all over her.

She has her Owl dress, which is made of linen and hemp silk, very elegant but simple. The dress needed a touch of grey and so I added a little piece of Liberty of London bias tape in between, for a smudge of floral loveliness. The bias tape by the way was obtained from Mademoiselle Romantique if you would love to get some.

She has her silk bloomers and woolly boots. And of course her wool cape, with needle felted details and fur trimmed hood. Oh! let me tell you, it's been fun dreaming this little creature, and letting her come to me. For the longest time I couldn't embroider her face, as I just couldn't picture what her face would be like. Her mom and I waited, patiently, hoping that the right features would sprung out of my fingers, onto this adorable face. I had nothing to do with it, I promise. My hands started moving as it was all meant to be like that from the beginning. Some dolls are like that you know?

She also has a cardigan, a pretty linen top with pin tucks and peter pan collar, with corduroy pants and little maryjanes, but the shoes still need buttons. So I guess I am not quite finished with her...I will take more photos of her tomorrow with her Owlish hat and her Fall outfit.

Making custom dolls this year has been a blessing and a very big adventure. I want to write a post about each and every one of them, as some sort of "closing chapter" to the custom work of this year. But in the mean time I will let you visually play with this cutie patootie. Hasta luego!

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