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Yup, that's right. That's her name. I am beyond happy to have found the right name for her. I was sewing in my room and I thought about coming here to let everybody know. We have established I am a little on the cookie side of the spectrum so I am sure you won't find this weird at all. Coming from me that is.

This bed linen set caused many comments from the children. I think they were letting me know they want stuff like this for their beds. Oh dear!

I did giggle while I made it, mostly thinking: who will be the precious person that gets to play with this blanket? what dolly out there in the world will cozily sleep surrounded by this warmth and all this pink? and I giggled once more when I found out that a doll I made will be the lucky recipient. Life works in mysterious ways.

In the mean time, I will take a look at Eva pretending to sleep under this blanket, and being such a nice little doll, for once.

One last custom doll, my Snow Owl

In the land of Wool