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Coconut Sugar, an Eyelet Sister

It seems to me that everybody dislikes having these dolls uploaded to Etsy for some reason. Perhaps is the long weekend (in Canada) and you all want a bit more peace and less hassle. I can sympathize with your plight, so both dolls will be offered comment-style here on the blog. Please read carefully, as Coconut Sugar is available to everybody, but Vanilla Bean is available only as a Kismet doll, meaning she is offered to families with no fig&me dolls in their home. Thank you and without much delay, here they are.

Coconut Sugar is a lovely doll who has been created along the side of her sweet sister Vanilla Bean. She is an 18" tall doll, but is very dainty and thin. She is made with the Figlette characteristics, little ears that wear earrings (although you can't see them in the photos...because I still haven't added them...they will the same pin dot gold earrings), bony knees, longer limbs, more sculpted facial features. Coconut Sugar is very jolly, and she seems to be full of life.

She loves to tease her sister, plays jokes on her all the time! She is a little stinker who is weaving grass on her sister's hair, lifting her dress, and tickling her when she is about to sneeze. You know those girls, right? Sometimes they border on being annoying, but they are so cute and happy that you share the tricks and jokes with merriment.

Coconut Sugar wears a pretty simple but elegant dress, made of cotton chambray and eyelet fabric. Chambray is the creamiest fabric I have worked with so far! The dress closes on back with a button, and is fully lined. She also has a pair of matching underpants, very fluffy and cute. Her eyelet shoes are made of wool, and cotton bias. Her hair is handspun mohair and has been attached to a cap sewn to her head, for maximum styling. I wanted to give her a hat but she refused, saying something along the lines of wanting her hair always free like the wind.

Coconut Sugar reminds me of the feeling of a lazy Sunday. Wearing your fancy clothes...or perhaps your most comfortable clothes. A day devoted to family, to relax, to mingle. I love Sundays, and I thought it was perfect for Coconut Sugar to be introduced today. If you would like to bring her into your daily play, please leave a comment in this post, with your name and your email address (so I can contact you), and I will select a chosen buyer on Monday May 21st at 9:00 PM EST. Coconut Sugar is $335 USD plus shipping. Please only leave a comment if you are personally interested in bringing her into your home. Good luck everybody!

Hi again! I just emailed the person selected to purchase Miss Coconut Sugar and I do hope they are prepared for the little rascal that is coming their way. 
If all goes smoothly, this cutie pie will be going to her new home very soon.
Thank you so much to everyone that expressed their wish to bring her home, it really fills my heart with joy to know that so many of you connect with my work, in wonderful and positive ways. 
Thank you!

Vanilla Bean, A Kismet doll

It really is so much fun!