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It really is so much fun!

To be constantly surrounded by these little people that come out of my hands. Each one has their personality, most often than not, they surprise me with characteristics I did not dream for them. I am constantly amazed of how, even when I try to make almost identical dolls, they come out different.

Exhibit A. We have two dolls, same size, same pattern, same ingredients, same skin tone, etc. The heads were sculpted in the same way and I used the same method and size for their eyes, but their expression is so different. Same with the hair, one is slightly curlier than the other, so the hair sits different on their cap and one looks like a rock star and the other one like a prima donna.

The do have the same dress! Thank goodness for that. I don't think I can take another "surprise" with these two. We are having all sorts of conversations in regards to shoes and hats. Also, underpants. They have their own ideas and I plan to tag along. We have just selected the pretty earrings for them and by tomorrow they are going to be rocking some pretty cute things. This house is so much fun!

Something quite amazing happened to these dresses. I cut Peter Pan collars for these, but just wasn't feeling it. They are not the kind of girls to wear Peter Pan collars...so I used the collars as sleeves. And voila! The "sleeves" stand up! So, take note you seamstresses out there: if you cut the little piece of fabric for this kind of sleeve with a slight curve (like a collar) it will stand up tall and proud and pretty. I usually cut mine straight, and the curve is on the other side to allow for a pretty ruffled look, but this way, you have a very cute detail. I like it.

Coconut Sugar and Vanilla Bean are having a lot of fun with trims and yarns for shoes. I want to make them hats. I will present you all in a formal manner soon. Stay tuned!

Coconut Sugar, an Eyelet Sister

Naked truth