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Naked truth

Yup! time to confess. I have been a major slacker this week. Well, it all actually started last weekend, I took time off from emails, phones, and pretty much everything else. The dollies won't mind I kept telling myself. People can wait. Thing is, we had wonderful weather, and in this part of the world that is not something you can say without a smile and twinkle in your eyes. You learn to appreciate warm temperatures and to seize the moment. So I did that. I seized the moment and took my children for walks, for picnics and to enjoy the crash and lullaby of the lake.

Somehow the feeling stayed with me and I have been quite slow this week. Like a lullaby. I worked in hushed moments and more often than not I just didn't feel like stuffing and rolling and embroidering. I drank lattes. I watched movies. Very relaxed week. Which means I have absolute zero progress and no update for tomorrow! But a I have a lot, and I really mean a lot, of things in progress.

I have two dolls ready for hair and clothes. The most exciting part I believe! (after giving them a face and assembling them). They are sisters and they look quite similar. You will see. They are both Figlettes, 18" tall, and will come with only one outfit. Then I also have seven little Baby Bunnies. These are turning into lots of fun and I see a renewed interest for dollmaking (and less movie watching) as I work on them. No more lattes for me!. All these sweet dolls will be finished in a matter of days. I won't give myself a date just yet, but it will all happen soon and quick (likely over the weekend). So if you want to meet them, please come regularly as they will all go into the shop and I don't want you to miss them if you have been waiting.

OK, now I am off to work some more. I will be in touch!

It really is so much fun!

Of hats and men