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Of hats and men

I know the title of the novel is Of Mice and Men, but there are no mice involved in this one. I know that I should probably keep this little boy under wraps for a little longer, seeing that he still has no hair...but those are technicalities. He is as cute as he is going to get and I just couldn't wait any longer to take photos of him. He is 13" tall and full of ragamuffin' love!

This sweet doll is a custom friend for a little boy, who has absolutely stolen my heart (the boy, not the doll!...well I guess both!). Gideon is a funky little fella, with the most amazing brown eyes and such a personality. He sure keeps his Mom on her toes and this little doll is going to keep him entertained for many hours I hope, giving his Mom a little rest and him a friend to play with.

I had oodles of fun making his clothes. They are so very soft and cuddly, with ample space for tiny chubby fingers to manoeuvre them, and easy to come on and off. He has two hats, to suit the mood of little Gideon, and because I hear that he is into shoes of all  kinds I made him a pair of cozy boots, lined and with elastic so they can stay put and there is no need to trouble Mr. Gideon.

He has one cute extra I am working on, if only his Mother would hurry up and do her part of the bargain. Maybe this post will kick her butt in gear. Maybe not. In the mean time I will play with Gideon's doll and pinch those cheeks just one more time. Oh yes, and get back to work on those Scones dolls that I keep talking about. I have two sweet ladies, of the 18" Figlette kind (like Clove Tisane), and they are sisters, they are called "The Eyelet Sisters". Giggle. See you soon!

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