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Fairy time

"The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve;
Lovers to bed; 'tis almost fairy time."
Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Cretania sure goes out at night, gathers around with her lively friends, and sings and dances to the moonlight and the woods' musicians, then she is a sleepy head in the morning and has a hard time finding some morning dew to wash her face and start the day's activities.

What activities? but there is so much to do when you are a fairy! The list is endless, but being a hundred years old and rather young means that you have unending energy and the best of spirits. June bugs and ladybirds, robins and snails, earth worms and weasels, all these creatures must be taken care of. And who better suited for the job than a jolly and cheeky fairy with a purple heart?.

The Featherstitch family to which Cretania belongs to is very important in this corner of the boreal forest. They are close relatives of the Elves of Rainbow Falls, who take care of the lady slippers, paint bunch berries in the summer and help uncurl the fiddleheads. Her Grandmother on her father side gave her a beautiful shawl, made of raw silk,wood pulp, and crushed flower petals, hand knit by the wonderful ladies of the Spiderweb Guild, talented weavers and knitters alike, as a powerful talisman. When Cretania hears the little steps of children in the woods she wraps her shawl around her and pouf! she has disappeared from the prying eyes of those who don't believe...but if you look closely, with an open heart and a big smile, she will let you see her and play with her.

Cretania Featherstitch is a fairy that just had to be born out of my hands. I haven't made a faerie in two years, and all of a sudden she was there, on my working table, smiling at me and twinkling her little ears. She is a doll 13" tall, made of all natural materials. Her hair is a made of different fibres, she has mohair locks sewn and woven into a crochet cap, and long strands of wool/silk handspun hair attached as well. Her hair is very sturdy and can be finger styled. She is made of cotton and stuffed with wool.

Cretania wears a fairy linen dress, hand-embroidered, and lined with linen gauze and silk dupioni. The dress closes on back with a snail button and velvet straps. She is also wearing a pair of silk dupioni pantaloons, and cotton shoes that close with glass buttons. Her wings are made of wool, felt, and silk, and have three sea shell twinkles (wings are removable). Her hand knit shawl is made of wool, cotton and raw silk, and it can also be worn as a kerchief. Her tiny little crown is made of cotton lace.

Although Cretania is not a Figlette, she does have tiny pointy ears. She is a doll made for a child 4+, who knows how to play gently and who has a firm belief in magical creatures. I think Cretania is meant to have a wonderful life. If you think that your home will be suitable for her, please leave a comment here and I will select a person to purchase her tomorrow May 9th at 7:00 PM EST. Her price is $285 + shipping.

The process of selecting a name usually involves one of my daughters, who love to take part in this activity. It is a cute way of involving my children in my dollmaking, and keeps them at bay from trying to help too too much using the sewing machine or cutting my fabrics! When time allows, one of them selects a name out of a basket, when they are not around I use a random number generator. I could never pick a person to buy any of my dolls, all your comments are always very wonderful and appreciated!

**Notice. PLEASE only leave a comment if you are personally interested in purchasing her. Asking your friends to submit comments for you is not allowed, and is not very nice to the others, so please refrain from doing this. Thank you.

Thank you kindly to everybody who wanted to give Cretania a loving home. 
We have just selected the lucky family and if all goes well, she should start the beginning of her travels soon. She is very happy and at the moment she's stuffing herself silly with all kinds of candy, I hope she goes to bed early...so I can keep working on the next two dolls in the "Scones on Sunday" collection...after this rather lovely interruption of Cretania. 
See you soon!

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