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A fairy

Oh my! but what have we here? a bit of rain has brought us our very own Faerie!
Perhaps is best not to wake her up, I hear sometimes the Spring faeries are very eager to pull pranks on unsuspecting doll makers. Perhaps it is best that I just let her be.

But who could resist those cute cheeks and playful eyes? Those pointy ears, that work magic when they twinkle? Who could resist that curly hair and those gorgeous long braids? Not me. I was under her spell and I let the passion of Spring sprout through my hands.

I know that I am supposed to be working on the Scones dolls, but every now and then, a doll just springs out of me. Not quite planned (well, just a little) and almost by surprise I find myself one afternoon embroidering cretan and feather stitches galore...for whom I wonder? Nobody knows. Then the next day a little head is formed and some pointy eyes and ears come to greet me. Oh my! Is this one of those magical beings that inhabit the woods around me?

Then all of a sudden I have knit a shawl, and made wings, and shoes and all kinds mischief of my own. I tell myself that I am on some sort of schedule and that faeries are not supposed to be coming out of my studio, but hey...who can deny the little soul wanting to come out to play? Not I said the fly.

So I present you Cretania Featherstitch, a 12" tall faerie. I promise to return to the dollmaking schedule of sorts, and stop wandering about. But, once I am done with her she will most likely be plopped into the store or perhaps here, comment style. We will let you know! I hope your week starts with some mischief and a lot of magic!

Fairy time

Playful or not