Playful or not

She doesn't care in what kind of mood I am. She just does not.
Like a toddler that has no concept about your morning crabbiness, or the bills that need to get paid.
All they care about is their immediate needs, and you must tag along.
I think that period in life is extremely awesome, but very tiring.

We started the day with some exercises.
She got bored and tired.
Moved on to a new thing.
She liked a wee chair that Dad made for the girls last Christmas.
I plopped her off there.

She asked for her cardi.
Went looking for it.
Found it quickly but took a quick rest.
She does stop a think I guess.
Good thing she had her shoes on.

She loves to play.
Hide and seek is always the first one on the top of her list.
Next comes ring-around-the-rosey (or "la rueda de San Miguel").
She also loves to pretend.
She is always, almost always, the princess.
Hey Princess Mint, come give me a hand with this thing?
Nope. I am beeeee-ssssy, she says. Cant you see?

Mint. I think I am about ready to let you go out and play.
Would you mind hoping over here and sitting pretty for me?
Do you want to find a good home to go to?
You do? Then its your lucky day!
Tomorrow that is.

I will put Miss Mint Buttercream in the shop, at 10:00 AM EST. She will be $305 + shipping. She is 16" tall and is a toy for a child 4+. Please Good Heavens, grant me a good night sleep...and please don't let Mint Buttercream wake up in the middle of the night, to ask for yet again another glass of water. See you tomorrow!
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