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We do have many of them, friends in high places. Mint and I encountered a bit of a conundrum. She wanted very short hair and straight was not an option. She wanted very short and curly hair. I suggested mohair boucle, she said it made her sneeze. So after we talked about it over some yummy treats, and she explained fully what she wanted, I set out to make it happen. And I love it.

Now, my friend Jenny, is such a treat. Although she can be quite bossy at times, she is very helpful and understanding with me. I told her about Mint's request and she most kindly instructed me how to do this kind of hairstyle, which I believe is characteristic of her dolls. She obviously does it very well, and over the years it has come to be one of the many signatures of her work. It is a very playful hairstyle and Mint is very excited with her new noggin' full of curly rings to play with. Thank you Jenny, you have made a little doll very happy today!

But, have I introduced you properly to the little munchkin? I don't believe I have. Oh dear! such manners! Well, here she is, our silly and pudgy Mint Buttercream. She is very sleepy at the moment, as we had to get up very early to put all those rollers on her head, but she is such a trooper! she sang the whole time!. 

Her cardigan is in progress and now we will devote some time to pick the right fibre for her shoes, and without much ado, she will be in the store in a day or two. She is going to help me pack her sister Honey for her long journey today, and we shouldn't be blamed if we decide to have a muffin or two while at it. Right? What would life be without dolls and treats? Or without friends like my dear Jenny? And in case you haven't heard already, Lunette is back in Canada!! So hop on over and check out her birthday bash. See you soon!

Playful or not

A stroll on Sunday