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A stroll on Sunday

Honey loves to go for little walks, always thinking that a big bad wolf might spring up right in front of her, and she has a myriad of answers for the cunning wolf. She seems to believe that if she was the protagonist of the famous fairy tale, things definitely would turn out much different. A true animal lover she is, and so she feels for the wolf deeply and is always trying to give me alternatives for a more humane ending.

Honey, as previously mentioned, asked for a few more items of clothing. Being born in the spring months in Canada is always a bit of a venture, as you never know if there is going to be snow the next day. She thought perhaps having a cute chambray capelette will help her ward off the last chills of the season, and be more prepared when weather anomalies strike.

Looking ahead to the sunnier months and the soaking up of Sun that those entail, she also thought it would be wise to have a jolly linen bonnet. A hat to ward off the streaming sun rays on her beautiful fair face, and also to keep her alpaca mane at bay. She is a bit of a romantic this one. With a shy streak, a peaceful expression and a chest brimming with laughter and adventure. Don't be fooled thinking she is rather quiet and naive, she certainly knows where her feet are planted, and what she wants. You should have seen the battle of the minds that happened trying to decide on that silly pearl button. Buyer beware.

Honey Poppyseed will be uploaded into my store tomorrow at 10:00 PM EST, along a few knitted items of clothing. I will have more photos of her needle felted treats and sack (didn't I mention she feels like a modern-day Little Red?) plus previews of the clothes that will be available for sale. She will be $367 USD plus shipping. See you soon!

Friends in high places

Of linen and honey drizzles