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Of linen and honey drizzles

That is what I have been dreaming as of late. Yum! I have been devoting more time to know this little cutie and she is telling me quite a story that I hope I can share soon here. I wanted to bring a few snippets of Honey Poppyseed to you, and let you know that she is not cross anymore...although she did complain this morning about needing a little bit more hair here and there.

Honey is a little on the shy side and has quite the appetite. I planned on making her a cute scone with drizzled honey, which I did make for her, but then she requested a petit four and a tart with fresh fruit on top. Who could refuse those chubby lips? Not me.

Her dress has some cute design details, and is made with linen and Liberty bias. I made a front placket and at the moment we are discussing wether we add some vintage buttons or do we close it with a ribbon. Honey just can't decide, she has the same issues as me in regards to picking buttons, so you will find us both with a bewildered look and a sea of buttons around us. Fun times!

Now, she has some other ideas in regards to her wardrobe and I hope I can fulfill her dreams. Honey should be ready to let you know more about her pretty soon, so come and check her out. She will be uploaded into the store early next week. Now, time to get to work. Have a good weekend everybody...and please, dream of linen and honey drizzles!

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