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Spring Adventures

Today my daughter Finn and I decided to take the papooses for a wee test drive. She missed school again, and I took advantage of her sempiternal disposition to help me, no matter the task at hand. The spring weather cooperated to the cause, and out we went. Treasures needed to be found, dolls needed to be taken out for a sunshine dose, and Mom needed to get some photos done. All aboard? out we go!

We did have fun snapping a gazillion photos of the willing models, bananas were heavily used as treats and enticement for "just one more photo", and we came back with rosy cheeks and a full camera. Success!

I will have a very small update of papooses tomorrow night April 26th at 10:00 PM EST over here. I apologize to those on far ahead time-zones than mine, but this is the quick slot of time that I can make it happen. Next papoose update will be scheduled in something more appropriate to your day time. I will be updating the gallery with some closer looks of the papooses so you can really check the prints. Ah yes! the price is $56.00 USD plus shipping. See you in a few days with some quick sneak peeks of Miss Honey Poppyseed, I guess she still hasn't forgiven me and refuses to be photographed...for now.

Of linen and honey drizzles

Nanette, my new knitting pattern