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Nanette, my new knitting pattern

Oh boy! well, that only took me a whole year! Last year I was bound and determined to make more knitting, crochet and sewing (courageous!) patterns, available as PDF so that people didn't have to wait for them to show up in the mail, and to obviously reduce waste. This whole PDF thing is pretty neat in my opinion, and I just managed to actually publish one, but I have finally finished another one, I present you the Nanette Jacket.

Now, this sweet jacket is amazingly fast to knit up. Like, really fast. One afternoon kind of fast. There are zero seams, and you can choose any sort of closing device, I always opt for chunky buttons and a button loop for this jacket. It is knit up in a circular needle, back and forth, and you use heavy worsted or bulky yarns to achieve these lovely softness. It is so chunky and cozy and it looks awesome on top of a fluffy dress or clothes with long sleeves as it has a lot of ease.

Anyways, I thought I should let you know it has become available in my store, and I am soon going to have it on ravelry as well. I have three more knitting patterns in several states of being tested and proofed, and then I plan on working non-stop on my crochet ones. I love crochet but its so hard for me to explain what I do. I thought I should go ahead and show you how to make shoes for your dolls in crochet. Now, if you want to send many positive thoughts my way so I gather enough courage to work on a sewing pattern, I have tons of cute ideas and I would love for you all to be able to make clothes with them. There are just not enough hours in the day people, not enough hours!

PS. This week I am working on Honey Poppyseed, a 16" doll (who is extremely cross that I put her aside last week) and on the papooses I will have available this Thursday. Pics soon!

Spring Adventures

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