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Vanilla Bean, A Kismet doll

I received a few emails asking me to put both dolls for sale comment-style, as everybody seems to dislike the rush of the dolls being uploaded to Etsy. So this being a long weekend in Canada, I decided to do just that, and allow everybody the peace of mind of leaving their name and putting things on Fate's hands and not shopping skills and internet speed.

Vanilla Bean is offered as a Kismet doll. Only families with no Fig&me dolls in their homes can submit a request to purchase this little lady. I believe they are called "newbies" in the proper terminology. That name makes me giggle. So if you are interested in bringing one of my dolls into your home, and you have been unlucky so far, this is your chance.

Vanilla Bean has a pesky sister called Coconut Sugar, who is always trying to make her laugh through the wrong channels. Although a bit temperamental, Vanilla Bean has a very sweet side and you won't ever see her get cross at her sister. She keeps her calm, sometimes graces her with a big laugh and sometimes just tries very hard not to be annoyed. She is very patient, and also very peaceful. Vanilla Bean strikes me as an old-soul kind of doll. There is something very quiet, very calming in her expression.

Vanilla Bean is an 18" Figlette. She has cute and plump little ears, bony knees, longer limbs and is very thin and dainty. She is made, like all my dolls, of all natural materials. Her hair is handspun mohair, that has been applied strand by strand to allow for maximum styling. She is wearing a cotton chambray dress with eyelet fabric, and closes on back with a button. Her dress is fully lined and has pretty cocoon sleeves.  She also comes with  matching chambray underpants and wool ballet flats with eyelet detail.

If you would like to bring Vanilla Bean into your home, please leave a comment with your name and email address, so I can contact you in case you are the selected buyer. She is $335 USD plus shipping, and a home will be selected for her on Monday May 21st at 9:00 PM EST. She is a doll most appropriate for a child 5+. Thank you for considering giving her a home to belong to, and good luck!

Hi! I just emailed the person selected to purchase Vanilla Bean, and I will give them a reasonable time frame to get back to me. 
If all goes smoothly, this sweet lady will be going home soon to her new family. 
Thank you so much everybody that wished to bring her home, I will try to list more kismet dolls in the following weeks, and again and again: thank you!

Blanket Bunnies

Coconut Sugar, an Eyelet Sister