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Blanket Bunnies

Oy oy oy! look what we have here! Baby bunnies with their very own dotty blankets! I had to add a wee blanket for each bunny, seeing as the other day my youngest had all her stuffed toys covered in the cutest line-up. I thought to myself --since these are baby bunnies, shouldn't they come with their own little blanket so their new moms and dads can tuck 'em in? So here they are.

The blankets are made of stretchy cotton terry/velour and a polka dot print. They have a little wool felt appliqué for cuteness factor, and a bit of ribbon. Bunnies range from 6.5" to 7.5" tall, and there are three made with cashmere and four made with angora. I don't recommend the angora ones for babies for the obvious reason that your little one will end up with a mouthful of angora, fuzzies everywhere!

All them bunnies are going into the shop tomorrow, Tuesday May 22, at 9:00 AM EST (sorry people, but it is hard to find a time that suits everybody's schedule), and their price will be $58 USD plus shipping charges. Once the little people in the house are in bed, I will load photos of each individual bunny so you can check them out. My daughters named each one so it will be easy to know which one you want to go for.

I am very excited to see where the Eyelet sisters go tonight! Since it is going to be a bit late for my daughters to help out with the drawing, and since they already helped today naming the bunnies, it is all going to be done through a random number thing, I better get started writing everybody's name into a list (I see some of you tried leaving a comment and submitted extra messages), and be ready! Cant wait!

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