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Of news and other stuff

Could you think up a more boring title than this one? I think you can't. I think I win. Hehehehe! But I really needed to come and write down, mostly for myself, a few things that are in my head. It gives me peace to have things out in the open, and to know that you know what I am working on and how I will roll.

Like I mentioned before, there will be a small update of underwear and night clothes this coming Friday (cross your fingers). Once I know what is going on, I will give you a time to be ready. I have a few underpants for 16"/18" and 21" dolls. A few pyjamas as well. It won't be a big update, but at least some dolls out there will have much proper clothes, or their missing underpants come this Friday.

On other news, I am working on several dolls at once. Again. As you can read in the photo above, I am working on a Little Red Riding Hood doll. She is 9.5" tall and will come with several cute extras. She will be ready by the end of the week too, but I will let you know more about her once she is dressed. The last doll in the Scones on Sunday collection is also being made, with some new features to her body. She is supposed to be 16" tall but we won't call it a done deal until she is assembled, right? I have been known for skipping technicalities like size before. Her name is Crabapple Jam and she is so super pink. I think you will like her.

After I am done with this lady, I won't work with a collection for the rest of the summer. Although I will have a theme going on with the 9.5" dolls I will be presenting, and I think Little Red is a pretty good indication of what the theme is. These little dolls will be offered in a different manner, just give me a few days to sort it all out and introduce Little Red with the proper ceremony.

I have some amazing dolls coming in the next few months, and when I say amazing, I really mean it. So many ideas and stories and clothes and special touches will be added to these dolls, that once the Summer is over I think I am going to be bursting with joy (and sore fingers!). And then we will discuss the next custom spots and the Fall collection. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, ok? Lets just go and finish sewing the little undies and one step at a time, one step at a time. But I am so pumped!.

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