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What did you find?

A little pair of snails! Oh, what a wonderful discovery Little Red. And just what exactly are we going to about those cute snails, if I  may ask? Nuffin'? Allright, let's just contemplate their slow movement across the plank.

But let me just tell you, what a wonderful hood you're wearing! It really suits your face and I  bet it is very comfy to go scampering about with a cozy hood around your shoulders. And it matches your apron dress and pantaloons quite nicely, if I say so myself. Yes! Those woolly shoes are the icing on the cake. I agree.

You are just so darn cute and little. Oh, you say they call you Little Red. Well, with good reason. And where are you going now? Please don't go now. Oh, you are going back home? Mother is calling? she has some errand for you to run? Better go now and don't keep Mother waiting. See you soon Little Red. You sure are pretty.

**I know I shouldn't be writing blogs, but I just couldn't help myself. I am back to the sewing horse to finish all yer undies, and to be done packing those bunnies that keep hopping out of their boxes. And yes, to say good-bye to my sweet Eyelet sisters, who today go into a box and off they will fly to their new homes. I hope I can meet Little Red again soon and she can tell me all about her errands and such. See you soon!

Little Red and a summer of CARE

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