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Tartan, Islands and Gaelic words. Inspiration for a new doll.

Inspiration really comes from everywhere, but in this particular case, creating art dolls happens with a mixture of words, scenes, fabric and a visit from a friend. 

Normally when I am dreaming and designing a new doll, things happen very organically. I read something that sparks my curiosity, I read more and more about it. Then I start being drawn to certain fabrics, ideas, knitting patterns, colour schemes, and little by little the vision for the doll starts congealing in my dreams. Sometimes it's the other way around, I have the full vision of the doll and I need to find the particular things that were in the dream. When it comes to doll making, for me, there is no tried and true path. I meander and get lost many times, but I always arrive at something that speaks closely to my heart. I always discover a personality while I start working, things move in such unexpected ways for me and that is one of the reasons that doll making sparks so much enthusiasm and magic for me.

 Isle of Skye, photo by Nirav Patel Photography. 

Isle of Skye, photo by Nirav Patel Photography. 

Some of you know that one of my dearest friends from Ireland has been visiting us for the past two weeks. He has lived in Scotland for quite a few years now, and so the perfect opportunity arrived for me to ask all the questions I needed to know, to hear the words "spoken the right way" and to hear (while sipping Yorkshire Gold tea!) more about the history of this wonderful and most beautiful part of the world.  He is very qualified on the subject and dispersed many myths about the clans and Scottish history for me. It's been a year now that I have been dreaming about this set of dolls, and I cannot wait to start cutting the fabrics and start creating them. Originally I thought I was going to make only one, but with this imagination of mine and these beautiful images I cannot stop at one. 

So do expect a set of special dolls soon, inspired by the most fantastic gaelic words, the history of a rugged landscape and its people, and some expertly crafted handwoven fabric. Nothing but beauty for my working hands. If you wish to see some of the images that have slowly been seeping into my dreams, please head to this board. I will share with you here on the blog some of the books, maps, fabrics and words as I go along. I hope you like this little intro to my doll making realm, and hope you are enjoying this beautiful Autumn weekend.

Tonja and Kelly, love never dies.

Celestina Bobina, a natural fiber art doll ready for play.