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Mr. Precious.

Mr. Precious.

Oh, hello there! How you doin'?. This is Little Caleb, the most patient little boy in the whole wide world.

Little Caleb, a custom natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

You see, Little Caleb has been a project of mine for so very long, I even forget exactly when I started working on him.

We had our dreams, and our laughs and our little games. More than once, I had to sternly scold him for making a mess in my studio, although I suspect he was prodded by Eva and covered by Poet. He just giggled his boyish laugh and gave me that big, happy smile. I surrendered.

Little Caleb, a custom waldorf-inspired art doll by Fig and Me.

As patient as he has been, this week is a bit all about him. We gotta finish his clothes as he is so very excited to meet his Mom and Dad. He knows he will be traveling home soon and meeting everybody, Lily and Hayley too.

His clothes are going to have a little big of a Fall feel, just because that's when we picked everything for him. I did mention I have been working on him for.ever. right? I sure hope his precious Mom loves everything Caleb and I have been giggling about. We think so.

Little Caleb, a custom figlette by Fig and Me. Figlettes are natural fiber art doll, inspired by waldorf education but with a modern twist.

So maybe next time he appears over here he will be sporting some of those clothes. Or maybe not. It's been so bloody hot that I can't make Caleb wear any clothes at the moment, not even his underpants. Since Poet and Eva keep to themselves in the studio, I let him run wild most of the day in the house. After all, is not every day that I get to hang around with such a precious little boy. 

Now stay put, because this place is about to get wild. You will see. 

And all of a sudden…we have this!

And all of a sudden…we have this!

Maia, a sweet baby doll with a full wardrobe.

Maia, a sweet baby doll with a full wardrobe.