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And all of a sudden…we have this!

And all of a sudden…we have this!

I end up with this firecracker! Louella and I share the same little birth mark by the side of our mouths, so we're like…soul sisters.

Little Louella, a Petite Fig by Fig and Me. Art dolls made with all natural materials, meant for play.

When I started embroidering her face this morning, she started to look a bit sad. I wondered "Oh my, is Louella going to be a sad little girl?". But then, the hands kept going, we did her eyebrows and still sad. 

Inquisitive Louella, a natural art doll by Fig and Me.

I am always amazed at the level of expression that simple thread eyebrows give the dolls. There was a little sadness in her eyes, that turned into inquisitiveness, and all of a sudden we have quite the chipper little person in our hands. Maybe is the little crooked wee smile.

Louella, a little firecracker. Doll made by Fig and Me.

And so, while Caleb runs around half-naked, chasing Luna and making mischief, Louella and I ponder the BIG questions in life:

- petticoat or pantaloons?

- long skirt or long dress?

- shawl or scarf?

- tea or smoothie?

- naughty or nice?

Don't you agree on our conversation? I keep telling you people, making dolls is so much fun. I hope you believe me.

Your quick guide to better doll photos.

Your quick guide to better doll photos.

Mr. Precious.

Mr. Precious.