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Louella, a natural doll ready for play.

Louella, a natural doll ready for play.

My sweet Louella is ready to find a family. If you feel like opening the doors of your home to her, please keep on reading.

Louella, a 20" Petite Fig by Fig and Me. Petite Figs are natural cloth dolls, with sculpted faces and stuffed with wool. Entirely handmade with love, care and lots of details.


It was a dark and stormy night…wait a minute. No it wasn't. It's just Louella loves scary stories! She teeters on the suspense, and puts her little hands over her eyes while you talk about muddy hands, strange noises that go bump, and tattered lace curtains drifting in the wind.

For such a little girl, she does have a rather over-active imagination. It runs amok with her, and when she gets too frantic  and is chattering with nerves, we have to calm her down with a glass of warm milk and gingersnap cookies. You can almost see the crescendo in her face, her eyes grow big like old china saucers, her little freckles almost twinkle with excitement, and her cheeks flush red. Then she grabs a pillow and hides underneath. I keep telling her, she needs to read something a bit less peppery, a good fairy tale perhaps. But she just loves the stuff and who am I to curb this young reader's heart?.

Louella in her under garments, by Fig and me.

Louella, in her linen and cotton under garments. A little bit of vintage lace, silk ribbon and mother-of-pearl buttons. 

Louella wearing her linen skirt, waiting for me to tell her a scary story. Hush, child! by Fig and Me.

Although she is an accomplished reader at her age, she adores being read to. "It's nicer" she says "to not be able to read ahead, because if you hold the book I have to imagine what you are going to say next; I can use my hands to wind my braids, and it calms me". 

Well, I still think that she is too young to be mortified by scary stories. But children, like everything else, have a mind of their own, don't they. They come to us with their predilections and weirdness. All we can do is support their incandescence and allow them to bloom. That's all we can do, with gentle guidance of course.


Louella, looking for scary mice in the barn. By Fig and Me.

Louella, a natural doll, waldorf inspired, by Fig and me.

Louella and the bind-weed. By Fig and Me.

And try telling her to select different reading material. Very touch and go situation. You will find yourself at a most perilous corner, subdued by drama and even tears.

Children in the cusp of changing to teenage-dom are curious creatures I tell you. Having one foot in childhood and testing the waters with the other, makes for a very interesting combination. 

They are still compelled to tell you all their secrets, however… sometimes you are taken aback by a slight smile You know they are hiding something. They enjoy make-believe, but some days they can't be bothered with it and tell you "that's for babies". One doesn't really know the hell-draught waters one sails.

Louella, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Louella, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

So aside this ghosted illness, who is Louella? She is sweet and spice in one little body. With summoning eyes, gentle smile and cheeky attitude she commands your attention. She is a child of simple pleasures: reading, home-baked treats and an occasional walk in the woods. She collects minor diseases, only to see people's reactions. She loves attention and solitude. She is an odd egg, like they say.

A regimented hygienist, she scrubs her elbows and knees daily. She cajoles other children to tidy up, and seals the deal with the promise of a mighty good story. Like she tells them "she will have no messy leavings, and all transgressors shall be persecuted!". Life with this little girl is full of surprises. I hope you agree.

Louella, a natural doll by Fig and Me.

Louella is looking for a family that will not judge her eccentricity. She is about 20" tall, and is stuffed very firmly with wool. Her face has been needle-felted and wet-felted, her eyes embroidered, her freckles painted and her cheeks blushed with red beeswax. Her hair is soft mohair weft, sewn to a wool cap. It can be brushed, washed, and styled by gentle hands.

Louella wears the outfit she desperately hoped for. 

A generous linen dress with comfortable 3/4 length sleeves, made of linen and with a little centre-front button. The dress closes on back with snaps. It has our customary "hand made" wooden button on the hem as well.

A linen skirt with fitted waist, that serves at times as petticoat or underskirt. But it also forms a totally different outfit.

Vintage style under garments. So fun! These can either be pyjamas, underwear or even beach wear. Or just a fancy romper to go out to the  lake and enjoy a summer picnic. They are made with linen and cotton, a bit of vintage lace, silk ribbon, elastic and two mother-of-pearl buttons. The outfit closes on back with snaps.

Cozy shoes for long walks, are made of linen dyed with avocado, lined with jersey and wooly soles. Shoes also have one mother-of-pearl button as accent. 

Louella begged for something knitted, not just as a practical item for chilly weather, but because she likes to imagine herself as a heroine from the past, sedately wandering about in foggy meadows, lost in time. So obviously I knitted for her a cache-coeur. It stays put with buttons at chest level and loops.

As a last item, because we just couldn't bear sending a doll out in the world without head gear: a pointy hat. Fig style. I could go on and on about the dolls' hats, but I won't. I'm sure by now you already know all my weaknesses.


Louella, picking posies for her friends. By Fig and Me.

Louella, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me. 

Louella, a waldorf inspired cloth art doll by Fig and Me.

Miss Louella was sold comment style through this blog. 

She chose "el numero tres" and found herself a most wonderful home, where she will be surrounded by lucky dolls, grandkids and lots of chuckles. She sincerely hopes scary stories abound in her future and wanted me to come and thank all the willing mothers that wanted to indulge her eccentric heart.

She hopes you are not too disappointed if you came out empty handed and wanted to let you know (behind my back) that there are two dolls being born in the studio, both figlettes and both in need of families as well. So she says, never lose hope, the stars might shine your way!

Agnes, the dreamer.

Agnes, the dreamer.

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