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A new pattern for cozy feet, sock booties.

Sock booties knitting pattern, by Fig and Me.

As you can see from the photo, the pattern for Sock Booties was inspired by Pepper's little shoes. I wrote it back then, tested it, and then forgot all about it. Seems to be the modus operandi of this very-forgetful doll maker. But no matter, I have mended my evil ways, turned it into an easy downloadable PDF, and is ready for your knitting hands. 

Knitting pattern for Sock Booties, by Fig and Me.

I remembered all about it when knitting Little Ivy's booties, so I figured it was time to release it. Please head over to the shop if you want to knit with it. It is an extremely simple pattern but full of charm and that turns soft dolly feet into irresistible magnets. Let me know if you knit with it and how you find the instructions, as always, I am happy to help!.

For a boy with soaring dreams.

Little Ivy, the soul of a dreamer.