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Come with us, to a world of yellow.

Come with us, to a world of yellow.

The beauty that is exploding outside is a  bit too much to bear by one person. I feel slightly selfish witnessing this extravaganza so I wanted to share it. We will move from outside our house, through a busy road full of farms on both sides, to a side logging road, where magic, enchanting worlds and beauty reside. Come, come, if you dare. 

Today was so foggy, and as the wind moved the trees we were sprayed gently with rain water. I felt such awe and peace and determination while I was out there. Seeing my children run, be free, play with their dog (who was as happy as she can be), surrounded by all this beauty, it was one of those moments that stays with you. We all feel amazingly grateful that we have such places to spend our mornings, or our afternoons. I wanted to share it with you to bring some of that beauty, and maybe some of that peace, to you too. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Change of tune.

My little brother and sister.