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Wintry walk.

Wintry walk.

Yesterday we had a nice snow fall. Not big, total white out kind of snowfall, but enough to warrant getting us off the nice comfy couch and head to the woods with the over-excited puppy who is always game for a romp in the snow. As with our Fall walk, I will take you with us. Maybe the hearts that miss the snow can revel in the photos and not miss it so much. 

Some of us were more tired than others, but overall everybody was admiring the scenery and breathing in deep snowy winter. The snowflakes were so big, you could discern them so easy on the top layer, that we stopped many a time to witness their patterns. Super fluffy powder, the one you can blow so easily away.

It was such an enjoyable walk. Even though we couldn't find a decent ball to throw to our puppy Luna, she still got a good workout with all the jumping she did. We came home and headed out to the library where we took many books out, on topics from raw food to french cooking, diary of a wimpy kid and frog and toad stories. We are armed with nice movies and documentaries, and we hope to ease ourselves into the new year. Tomorrow we have a neighbourhood party to attend, where a bonfire, hot chocolate, marshmallows and toboggans and sleds will be the main event. Happy New Year everybody, don't forget to dream big this year. 

I am back on the saddle.

Fig and me, a year in review: 2014.