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A fuzzy mohair affair.

Apologize for the night time photos, my camera ran out of battery just as I was outside finding the most idyllic places for them to be photographed. I had to wait to charge it but I wanted to come and give you the heads up, that due to the misfortune of the camera, these little babies will not be "previewed" as usual. You have seen the Rumbly Tumbly in mint mohair in a previous post, and these two are the other "styles": wee babies in gold and black mohair. There is one of each with mohair hair and removable hat, and one of each with a sewn-in hat and no hair. A little bit for everybody. 

Wee Babies in two sizes, by Fig and Me. 

These six small dolls (6" sitting, 8.5" standing and 9.5" standing) will become available tomorrow Wednesday October 22, at 10 AM EDT in my shoppe. Prices range from $185 - $265 USD plus postage charges. Canadian customers will be billed HST separately with corresponding exchange rate. These little ones are made with specialty mohair fabric and stuffed with wool. As previously mentioned, some of them have removable lined hats with ties and a fuzzy mohair wig. They all have simple expressions and rosy cheeks blushed with red beeswax. The Rumbly Tumbly babies are slightly weighted with pink quartz. Now if you'll excuse me, they all have an early bed time and we do need to read them a story first. See you tomorrow!. 

Keep on rolling.

Change of tune.