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Mina and Dot

Mina, oh Mina!

Mina and Dot
Went out to play
while holding hands
they decided to stay.

A little bow

Mina and Dot
under the shade of and old Willow tree
played peek-a-boo
and Gone with the Wind.

Sweet Bear

Mina and Dot
two best friends made of cloth
are leaving so soon
oh! so very soon.

Holding Dot

Mina and Dot
have decided to slide
down, down, down
and yell one more time.

My hat

A little earring

Mina and Dot
I love you so much
I wanted to thank you
for helping me smile.

Mina Minarete

Mina and Dot
promised to be good,
to eat all their supper
and go to bed soon.

Mina and Dot
ladies and gentlemen.

Little Pip, a Wee Baby Bear

The rusty goodness