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The rusty goodness

Dreaming of the fall 
Of the Fall is upon me. I wish I could describe what it feels for me when its finally Fall. I feel so much energy, happiness, excitement. My brain cant stop thinking of things to do, to eat, to make, to enjoy. Fall walks are my favourite, and the sights that come with them nourish my creative soul in a deep and gentle way.

I am done with the last bunnies and bears for you. I know you have been waiting for this last update and I am happy to finally be able to announce it. It will take place on Wednesday Sep. 26 at 10:00 PM EST (for all those of you creatures of the night). There will also be one Wee Baby bear comment-style that same night. Mr Little Pip encountered a bit of a hiccup in its upload and I feel rather bad that he had to sit today, while all his brothers and sisters were shipped out all over the world. To make it up to him we decided to hold him comment-style and leave it in the hands of faith to see where he will go and spend his days. Preview pics will be up tomorrow in the gallery.

Rusty goodness

This blog/site of mine is sending the email notifications rather late. I know this because I am subscribed to it, mainly to monitor how everything appears for you once you receive it in your mailbox. I am rather disappointed about it and there seems to be no way to fix that, other than elaborately make a mailing list so you are up to date instantaneously when something is about to take place. This will create extra work for me, and at the moment I cannot put any more stuff to do in my full bag. So for now, although annoying and painful, we will have to wait for those emails or check the blog often. Sorry about this, I will look into other ways of email notification. For now, whenever announcing updates I will do it with two days in advance, to give everybody the chance to read about it.

On another note, very exciting too. The Fall collection is taking place. Oh dear! the fabrics have been bought, the furs are being chosen, the yarns have all arrived and have been claimed by certain dolls (in my head of course), the drafts and sketches are pouring out of my hands. So much preparation for this collection. My husband is hard at work devising joints and accents and safe finishes for wood. All is very new and exciting for both of us. Other than making our children toys, we have never really collaborated so extensively on my dolls before. We seem to have morning meetings on a daily basis, where we are bouncing ideas and getting very giggly about it all. If all goes well, you will see these dolls available at the end of October. Many surprises along the way. Anyways, I hope to see you again on Wednesday for the Little Pip comment-style and for the update in the shop. Hope you are starting your week full of wonder and excitement, just like I am.

Mina and Dot

Miss Kitty and her wee bed