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Miss Kitty and her wee bed

A wee kitten

What did I tell you? I am losing my marbles! When I made kitty my youngest, who is now home two days a week, said to me that little kittens like to sleep in their own wee bed. So off I went, to fetch some fabric and wool and made Miss Kitty a wee bed of her very own.


A wee felt bow

Miss Kitty is a Wee Baby doll, made with glittery angora knit (she is so fancy!) and she is stuffed softly with wool. Her face is embroidered. This doll is not suitable for babies, due to the angora. So I will recommend this toy for a child 3+ who no longer puts toys in their mouth.

A wee bed for Kitty

Miss Kitty and her wee bed are available via comment-style, there are no restrictions on their purchase. So if you tried in one of the two previous uploads to bring a soft and wee baby into your home, with no luck, then this might be your chance! Kitty and her bed are $70 USD plus postage. I will leave the comments open until tomorrow at Noon. We will then proceed to select a person to purchase (at random) and send a paypal invoice.

A sneaky kitten

Please when leaving your comment, leave your name, email address and country of residence, so I can factor the shipping if you are chosen to purchase these toys. Thank you kindly for your support and enthusiasm and Good Luck!

I have just emailed the selected buyer for Kitty, thank you kindly to those who entered. I have one more upload of Wee Babies, maybe one of those will find its way to you. I will post details as soon as I am ready.

The rusty goodness

Chispita, a Wee Bear