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Little Pip, a Wee Baby Bear

The Gatherer
As promised, I am holding Little Pip up for ransom via comments. I decided not to load him into tonight's upload, because he already suffered the woes of being in the store. This wee bear was very cross with me that he wasn't packaged and ready to leave last Monday, and there was no excuse good enough for him. Once I told him that he gets to pick his new family, oh boy! excitement and dancing ensued!

So if you think Little Pip would make a wonderful addition to your home, please leave a comment in this post. I will receive comments until Thursday Sep. 27 at noon, and then Little Pip will draw a comment out of a handy basket he has been sitting in. Little Pip is a Wee Baby Bear made of repurposed lambswool and cashmere knit, stuffed softly with clean wool. His little hat does come off, so he is not advisable for a small child. Unless of course, you remove the hat and put it away for a rainy day, or once your child is not into mouthing things. This little doll is then advisable for children 3+. The price for Little Pip is $68 USD plus postage to your place of residence.

Three amigos

We closed the comments and notified the selected family to 
bring Mr. Pip home. Thank you  kindly to everybody.

Your enthusiasm is healing my hands most certainly,
because I am already planning the next batch! More Wee Babies will be coming, after a wee break. Thank you!

The flavours of the Fall

Mina and Dot