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The flavours of the Fall

Strawberry hat

Stopping along the way, to breathe in the yellows, rust, crimson red and orange. I have been trying to stop along the way, as much as I can with two little girls in tow, and we gather, pick, select and admire.
I love following the canadian seasons closely. They change in a way that is so amazing to witness. I can see their development, and the creativity that these stir in me is quite something. A while ago I was buying all kinds of floral prints to be used on my dolls, and hopefully on some tunics for my girls; now it's all about cashmere, lambswool, melton wool, corduroy, solid and not so solid colours...to imbue my work with the flavours of the Fall. Buying vintage knits for my girls (like the shawl collar Eva is wearing), knitting soft and draped hats for the dolls, envisioning plaid jackets, and fair-isle yoked sweaters. Savouring the flavours through running my fingers through fur and wool. What an extravaganza of inspiration. I feel so blessed and so lucky.


I am working on a rather small little doll, with a heart as big as her name. She is the next creation for the on-going Story Time collection of dolls. She sleeps in a walnut. I think you know who she is. I am also working on another doll, which I have decided to name the Fall Bearer. Again. I made this doll two years ago, to signal the arrival of this wonderful season. Two years after, her older sister has decided to grace me with her presence. Both these dolls will be available next week. The little one, as custom calls, will be auctioned to donate part of the proceeds to Care. The other one, an 18" Figlette, will be sold here comment-style.

On other news, yes! I will have to make more bears and kittens and bunnies for you. Not only are you all still craving more of their fuzzy goodness, but I also got the most amazing pile of material to work with. And with all this inspiration around me, I am just going to let my hands rest for a little bit, and then there will be more.

Mi hermosa Eva

I also wanted to mention that, as usual, dolls of any kind will be uploaded either here or in the store, with a date and time set. But, anything else that I manage to create will be loaded into the shop unannounced. It is taking so much of my crafting time to post photos, blog them, announce it, and wait a reasonable period of time for people to receive the updates. I rather much go out for a walk, seriously. Dolls are special and I don't make many of them, so they always get their photos and posts and stories written as they have come to me. But clothing, play food sets, hats or anything else that strikes the creative juices, will just be finished in their time, and loaded in the store without much fanfare. I hope this will ease some of the pressure for me, and I hope some of you go home with some goodies for your children and your dolls.

I also hope you take some time to enjoy the Fall. To admire, to rest your eyes, to cozy up under a blanket outside and watch the sunset, to dream lavish fall menus, to get the knits and mitts and hats out of their boxed slumber, to visit a farmer's market, to sew or knit, or write, or bake, or pause. Winter is coming!

PS. Since I know you are going to ask, I didn't knit anything Eva is wearing. Her hat belongs to my littlest daughter, the shawl is mine (hehehe!) and her booties are baby booties that both my girls used when they were tiny babies.

A ramble, and a tumble.

Little Pip, a Wee Baby Bear