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Little Enid, and her love of roses.

Enid wants to be a gardener. All she does is take care of a little brave geranium who is weathering the crazy canadian spring. But she longs to have a "real" garden, with ivy, a little bird feeder, creeping roses, and lavender all around.

I keep telling Enid I am no help, no use, in the garden department. I do try to help her by reading books and going outside to the many city gardens, but it's just not the same she says. She wants a real garden.


Knowing that roses are her favourite, I made her very comfy overalls, thinking of her one day sharing the gardening love with her new family. She also has comfortable boots, with a little bit more panache, as they close in a funky way to allow one side to be folded over and show the rose lining. I had planned to make her a pretty shirt to be worn underneath, but she asked for a dress : with roses, she said.

Enid and I are very proud of her overalls. She feels she can carry seed packets in those huge pockets, her gloves, maybe a gardening journal. I, on the other hand, I am glad that I was able to make this item of clothing without over-thinking it, and just went with my idea. I love the way it turned out. Now, I need to tackle her hat and a few necessities she needs. If you are interested in furthering her love of gardening, she will be ready tomorrow, and she will be available comment style here in this blog. Now I must go.

Sweet Enid.