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Getting to know each other

Curly Mina

Happiness is
finding so much of yourself in a little doll.

Happiness is
deeply connecting with a person half across the world, 
through her daughter and her dream of a doll for her mother.

A nugget

Happiness is
bringing forth into life your own dreams.

Happiness is
playing with dolls.

My very long dress

Mina is adorable. Sorry, but I have to say it. I know it sounds self-conceded for me to gush about the dolls I make but I cant help myself. Mina and I have gotten to know each other for a long time now. Little by little her trust has grown and she has opened up to me. Her personality is not completely out there (although you might think she was a rock star with that hair!), you have to sit and let her talk to you. Her eyes draw you in, and little by little you start to notice the little nuances and the little perks of her identity. She sits there, knowing that one day she will live in a country very far away from me, and she can't wait to meet the woman that inspired her.

Playing with Mina

Her creator sits here, writing about her, while the person that will play with her sits far away from us, probably tending her garden, stubborn woman that she is. She reminds me a little of my own mother I have to say. A person with utmost integrity, with a love for her family beyond boundaries. With a deep sense of commitment and complete abandon to her responsibilities. A true woman. A person that can be hard when she needs to be, like the mother that she is, but that can also be foolish and have the silliest sense of humour. Getting to know her daughter says so much about her. I sheepishly think that people can get to know me better by seeing what I do. They can see, through the window of my dolls' eyes, a little peek into my own heart. Through the dresses and shoes and braids I make, they can see who I am. My work speaks for me.

Pretty Mina

Now Mina can speak very clearly for herself. No need to interpret whatsoever. She asks lots of questions. She knows she is being a bit annoying, and sometimes even forgets what she was going to ask. I think Mina and her new mom will get along just fine. Lucky for me I am still not done with her, and so I get to enjoy her a little longer. Lucky me.

Preparing and gathering

Love is in the details