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Love is in the details

Hand made button loop

Or so they say. I do love my dolls. So much sometimes it's rather silly to sell them I guess. I love pouring my heart, my ideas, my emotions, my thoughts and beliefs on what I do. I love to think that the dolls absorb (via all those natural materials) the energy of my home, the energy of my hands, the vibrations of my intent.

Little shoes

When I create a doll, I come from a good place. I go to a very good place indeed when I am working. A place filled with memories of my own childhood, of good wishes of what childhood ought to be. A place that sometimes smells of lemons, and a bit of lavender. A fluffy place full of dreams, of peaceful images.

Fabric and bronze barrette

Of course that during the creation of a doll I encounter problems that remove me from that special place. Every time. My vision sometimes doesn't match my skills, or my knowledge. Most of the time I succeed taming my fears and overcoming insecurities, but sometimes I dwindle. Sometimes I get the best of me taken away by a silly presser foot, or a ridiculous seam ripper. However, I try not to focus more energy than needed on those mistakes, and to always smile at what I accomplish on a daily basis. And I try to be grateful for the chance I was given, today, to work on this or that little doll. To be grateful for what came out of my hands, and I try to go to bed thinking that tomorrow will be just as swell.

What are you hiding?

Today this sweet lady finally got her clothes. And her photos taken. And while I wait here for instructions on how to send her home, I wonder about the place where she is heading. About the surprises she will encounter, and about those arms that will be holding her on the other side. I hope I infused her enough of the words that inspired her, of the wonderful wishes of a caring person towards someone he loves. I hope I honoured the request, and that my hands made something this family will care for.

One shoe

Today I go to bed satisfied with myself. A good day. Now tomorrow, tomorrow is the day my sweet Mina sees the light of day and I just cant wait to tell you all about her. Good night!

Getting to know each other

Settling into a new rhythm