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Settling into a new rhythm

Gone Argyle

Well, yes! It seems like the Fall is slowly coming into this neck of the woods, and I couldn't be more pumped about it. Autumn is my most favourite season. I love what it represents, I love its smells, its sights, the weather, the crafts that carries with it, and the anticipation of winter.

Bunny lineup 

Settling into a new school, new city, new home, new schedules, new ways of working, new streets. All of it is different for us, but exciting. And the fact that is happening when the Fall is arriving is giving it more meaning, and also more depth. We love the Fall, and I happen to think that because this move was timed with this season, we have settled quite happily into this new life, this beginning of a new chapter for us.

Angora Wee Bunnies

Expect many, and I mean many, lovely and cozy toys from me in the weeks ahead. I have seen, now with almost four years of working experience, that during the Fall months my creativity and energy levels go berserk. I cannot seem to stop making things, making dresses, knitting sweaters, attempting to build shoppe stock for Christmas (which of course never happens). The loveliest of custom dolls will be created  in the coming weeks, as well as the actual drafting and selection of fabrics for my new collection. I have so many dolls dancing in my head, so many little personalities who are already talking to me, telling me their secrets, their needs, the way their journeys are to begin.

I hope you stay with me for what is left of this year. It is going to be quite a ride. I promise.

Love is in the details

Just a little