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Just a little

I wanted to come and show you a wee little doll I just finished, but it is impossible to load photos in this blog. Good thing is she is a doll for a local customer, so she gets to come and see her "in the flesh" before taking her to her sweet little niece. If you do want to take a peak, hop over to the gallery and you can take a look.

I will be spending the next few days packing the rest of our belongings, including our computer. I will be offline until the end of next week. When we meet again, I will be in my new home, hopefully a little bit settled, and ready to talk about dolls and show you what I am working on. This isn't going to be a break for me, but I am excited for this new chapter to begin.

See you on the other side wonderful people!

Settling into a new rhythm

Practical magic