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Preparing and gathering

Beautiful shoes

Like a little a squirrel I tell ya. Like a little squirrel.
I am in the midst of it all, preparing and gathering. A lot of preparing and a lot of planning. Of the new Fall collection. So exciting!


Little Girl Warrior

We scouted a local celtic festival, to listen to music and eat yummy treats, while letting the flavours seep into my head. I am gathering inspiration for my next collection, and as much as I like to look at photographs online, there is something more solid when I prepare by actually reading books (not just online excerpts) and I actually "walk the walk". I love working like that. It gives me a better grasp of what I want to create.

Celtic dancers

I wont have a proper celtic doll, if that is what you are wondering. My next collection consists of four boy dolls, and two girls. Both girls are figlettes, but one is a custom for a special girl. The other one will be a 21" Figlette. All the boys will be 16" tall (sorry! no little dolls in this collection). There is a defining element to the collection, but I am still wondering how to best describe them.

A tiny warrior

My super talented husband will be heavily involved in this collection (let's hope it doesn't end with our marriage, hehe!) and I am both excited and terrified. Very excited because his imagination knows no boundaries and he is so skilled, terrified because he is very intense and will most likely stop eating and sleeping and doing anything else but this. And he is the chef in the house so I kind of need him to perform on several arenas. Wish us luck!

Wee Bunnies, reloaded.

Getting to know each other