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Wee Bunnies, reloaded.

They are coming!

Finally! The first batch of three! A group of wee bunnies is getting ready to find new homes! Phew!! that only took forever, right? I am intending to load these little bunnies into ye olde shoppe tomorrow morning, hopefully this will make them available to those living overseas. I plan to brew good coffee.

The prices for the Wee Bunnies have rather increased, and you will find tiered pricing for them, due to the extras some of them will be bringing. For now, this group comes as is, and their price is $58 USD plus postage.

I wrote a bit of a log in regards to how long it takes me to make a Wee Bunny. I think some of you will find this information useful, and to those who rather not read this, scroll to the bottom of the post where you will find the pertinent information in regards to time and place.

Each single bunny takes me 4.15 hours to make and sell. Let's see, shall we?

1. Tracing and cutting the pattern pieces: 20 min.
2. Sewing the body and hat: 15 min.
3. Rolling the head, covering it, tying it and sculpting the eye line: 30 min.
4. Sewing the cover on the head, adjusting it, and tying it again: 15 min.
5. Embroidering face: 20  min.
6. Turning the body: 5 min.
7. Stuffing the legs, arms and hands: 25 min.
8. Stuffing the belly and attaching the head to the body: 30 min.
9. Sewing the hat and the ears: 16 min.
10. Blushing and photographing: 15 min.
11. Editing photos and resizing: 15 min.
12. Uploading, writing descriptions, and gallery: 28 min.
13. Packaging and shipping: 15 min.

It takes not only skill but a lot of patience (and poked fingers) to make the things I make. I am only writing this because I received a few questions in regards to how my pricing works, some people seem to think I just come up with fancy numbers. This is more or less the time it entails to make ONE Wee Bunny, and I am not taking into account the price for the materials, equipment, fees incurred while selling them and all the rest (most of the time I pay out of my own pocket to insure packages and ship them all over the world). I hope you understand that as much as I love creating dolls and toys, I do have to make a living out of it or I wont be able to keep making them.

Wee Bunnies

Many new dollmakers ask me to help them price their dolls. I am always at a loss on how to help them. My best advice so far has been, take into consideration the amount of work you put in, try to write every single thing you do in order to create your doll and sell your doll, factor in the materials, and once you have a number, go from there. It is hard because once you crunch the numbers you realize that you have to subsidy your work in order to be able to sell it at a "market price".

The Wee Bunnies are simple toys, they don't take me that long to create. Four+ hours is not a lot of time, but yet, I do get tired from sitting and my hands hurt a lot most days. But I love it. I wouldn't do anything else in the world!. And if you are wondering how long it takes me to make a bigger doll...well. You get the picture (I would say it takes me 4 to 5 hours to make one outfit! sometimes even just the dress!!).

Now onto the good stuff: this group of Wee Bunnies will be uploaded on Etsy on Tuesday September 18th at 7:00 AM EST. More photos of the individual bunnies tonight, and their price will be $58 USD plus postage to wherever you live. Now, there are MORE bunnies that will be uploaded at a more decent time in North America so don't get depressed. Also, there will be a few bunnies posted here on the blog comment-style for all those that end up missing the updloads. Hopefully with all these different ways of making them available I will satiate the thirst for them Wee Bunnies, and now my hands can take a rest from them for a bit. Perhaps I will gather enough cuteness to attempt one more update in time for Christmas. No promises though! Now I am off to work some more on the rest.

PS. I hope to "see" some of you tomorrow morning, who is with me? hehehehe!

And then there were three...

Preparing and gathering