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And then there were three...

The three amigos

I seem to be creating now Wee Bears and Wee Kittens as well! When will the madness end? Oh well! in the mean time that this craziness abounds, I am having the time of my life. I wanted to come and let you all know that there are more Wee Bunnies (and bears and one kitten) in the works. Don't give up hope just yet!

Tomorrow, Thursday Sep.20th at 12:00 PM EST (noon) there will be another upload of bunnies. This time for "newbies" only. And what specific kind of newbies? Well, the upload will be available only to those that have never bought a Wee Bunny before. It doesn't matter if you own dolls made by me, it just matters that you have not previously purchased a bunny, OK? (the carrot babies don't count either...I know you are going to ask).

Wee Kitten

I will also publish tomorrow two separate posts making available two Wee ones comment-style. The comment-style dolls will be available to everybody (wether you have Wee Bunnies, Fig&me dolls or not). Photos of the individual dolls that will be available at the upload on Etsy will be posted early on my gallery. Once the upload is done, then I will publish the comment-style ones. I will close the comments on Friday, so there is enough time to come back and leave a comment if you want one.

and then there were three!

Now, back to finish them all up for their early morning photo shoot! Most of these Wee Babies have one or two extras, so their price will be tiered. But don't worry, all their prices will be listed alongside their photos tomorrow so you can be prepared before the update. Off to work!

Chispita, a Wee Bear

Wee Bunnies, reloaded.