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Come with me.

Sunday walk

On a short adventure, a walk through the woods.
The weather is chilly, your cheeks are flushed, your skin feels taut and parched.
Your hands are inside your pockets, because you forgot to bring mittens for everybody. Bugger.
As you get down from the car, and your feet are welcomed with a rustle and bustle, then
your worries and thoughts start to get quiet. To be more rhythmic, more attune to what is around you.

Forest treasure

You follow the trail and follow the laughs of the children ahead of you. Perhaps too far ahead to feel comfortable. But yet, they run and you just don't feel like yelling. They are yelling for you: "Mom, look at this" "Dad, take a picture" "Mom, I found a mushroom" "Guys, check this out". Little by little your steps take you to witness the treasures found. And you smile.

In the woods

So many trees. So many leaves. So many colours,
that calm you and remind you: winter is coming.
You wish you had something to drink, something hot to hold on.
The camera feels heavy, but you have to keep up. Those kids run too fast.

Church of the Woods

Is time to get back, and you just don't want to.
But you do anyways, and you feel calmer and more peaceful.
You wish you could feel like this all the time. So grateful. And a little bit cold.

Through the forestYes, now is time to get back and warm up.
Tea anyone?

Baby Gigi and a baby snowflake

So inspired.