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So inspired.

That I transpire. Seriously! I am sweating it. I want to come and burst out with all that is currently happening in this home of ours, but I just can't. I have learned my lesson of not spilling the beans until the rice is cooked. And for now, let's just say we are in the "soaking" period, so there is still a lot to be done.

Green wood at work

I am of course talking of the next collection of dolls. So much to tell, so much to explain, so much to do. Some of you thought I was making celtic dolls, or irish dolls, or dolls inspired by medieval times. I have already answered individually those questions. I am not. I am making a collection of boys, in the way boys play. At least in the ways I have seen them play: full of energy, imagination, activity, and wonder. I always giggle at the differences between boys and girls, aside the obvious ones of course!. When I am making dolls for girls, which I mostly do, I know I have to add this little here or that little there, because girls love that. But when I am making dolls for boys I am always at a loss. I don't have any boys, other than my grown-up husband who seems to behave like one most of the time, and so I try hard to see from their point of view. Following the lead of the man in the house, we are creating a collection of sweet dolls inspired by very imaginative play. I hope you like them, as in the coming weeks I will get to finally introduce all these little fellas, and these two girls I am working on. This photo shows a little bit of the set that belongs to the big girl in this collection, who has the most fantastical story to tell, as of date.

My uniform
Bursts of colour

Also, some of you happened to notice that this week was my birthday, and although it came and went with no fanfare, let me assure you I had a good day. I worked all day, I had a nice meal, there were some presents to be opened of course, thanks to the courtesies of family and dear friends, and so we hope the Sun shines on us this weekend so we can then proceed to properly celebrate my birth day. I asked for a picnic, and in this kind of weather, that might turn into a nightmarish endeavour, so we shall see. If we don't end up going out to do that, I should not complain. Maybe the world is trying to let me know that I should sit and work "just a little more" in those sweet boys, right? Right. Have a wonderful weekend!

Come with me.

Little Hansel and Gretel, a set of dolls in the Story Time Collection