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Little Hansel and Gretel, a set of dolls in the Story Time Collection

Mr Hansel and Ms Gretel

They are finally ready. Pompoms have been trimmed and fluffed. Boots have been polished. Clothes have been pressed, and embroidery details have been added. Hair has been washed and combed. Milk moustaches have been wiped off their faces and sticky hands (from eating candy) have also been cleaned. They are well fed, they are happy, and they are waiting to find a new home to bring cheer, imaginative play and hopefully some laughter.

Just so little

Like all the Story Time sets, the dolls are 9.5" tall. The tiny hands and the tiny seams and the tiny hems and the tiny crochet stitches...I always forget how much more work it is to work on these little ones, but I do enjoy them. I think they are the perfect size to embody fairy tales. Not too big, to resemble real children, not too small to resemble knit-knacks...just the right size in my opinion. They are dressed in linen and wool, and they come in their special pocket.


This set goes up for auction tonight, Wednesday October 31st, at 10 PM Eastern time. It will be live for 24 hours, ending tomorrow night at the same time. As usual, any amount obtained over the retail price of this set, which is $335 USD will go as a donation to Care.org (shipping will be billed separately depending on the postage choices of the winning bidder).


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Thank you kindly for supporting me, and for helping me aid the efforts of Care.
 I will go now and play with them before they have a "rightful" owner. See you soon!

So inspired.

Nibble, nibble, little mouse...who is nibbling at my house?