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Nibble, nibble, little mouse...who is nibbling at my house?

Gingerbread House
Oh! the pleasures of making toys I tell you, are quite addicting. Working like a mad woman, until the wee hours of the night, piecing, cutting chunks of wool, embroidering...all so pleasurable. Choosing the right buttons, the right polka dots, a bit of that special vintage ric rac I got the other day. Adding french knots to keep some icing in place...while giggling at the pompom trim around the door!

A scary witch

Working with linen, wool felt and pretty cottons. Adding some Wensleydale locks to make a witch's mane (which can be braided by the way...oh yes, I did try!), and taking just a few more minutes to embroider her bonnet. We shouldn't make her look to pretty though...

To entice children...

The thought of Hansel and Gretel being separated was nagging at me. So I made them a pocket to fit snuggly inside and spend the night in cozy slumber. Then I thought it would be a good idea to add some loops so that it became a pretty decoration as well. What little girl wouldn't like to have them sleeping inside this cozy bag, hanging beside her bed?

Hansel & Gretel

Gingerbread house wall pocket

From these pictures you can tell that I had way too much fun working on it, and my little Hansel and Gretel are beyond excited to have their own candy house at the ready. They plan on spending many nights, tucked inside, playing cards and reading stories. Maybe even peep out late at night, to watch the  moon and collect some shiny white pebbles. In the mean time, I shall knit them their boots. It won't be long before this pair is ready to be auctioned to benefit Care.org. Details soon.

Ginger house detail

Little Hansel and Gretel, a set of dolls in the Story Time Collection

Working, working.