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Baby Gigi and a baby snowflake

Winter babies

We are delighted to present this bundle of sweetness, in the name of Baby Georgia. A November baby if I've ever seen one. Baby Gigi, as we fondly call her, sits all by herself and enjoys playing with soft things; except she has taken interest in a basket full of Snowflake babies (we the toy faeries have to work hard to make part of the winter magic happen, you know that?), and although I have tried to keep her away from them, she keeps putting them in her mouth! Oh no, Gigi, these are not meant for babies! Please give it back! And she just tots away on her bum (she hasn't learned to walk just yet and is in the beginning stages of full-on crawling).

La pechocha

Lace socks

Baby Gigi takes lots of naps, as most babies do. She sits still while you put on hats or hair accessories to her hair, which is a remarkable feat, as most babies hate things on their heads. Not this baby! She loves hats, and so I am almost done knitting her chapeau and perhaps I will even make her a bonnet. I am in love with this new baby style, and while time does not allow for another baby-doll this year, I do appreciate the fact that I stole time from some custom dolls to work on Baby Georgia. I just had to. She is wearing borrowed clothes on these photos, but fear not, her outfit is almost ready.


Now, I received a few inquiries about this sweetheart already. And I am wondering what the best route should be to offer her: etsy, comment-style, or Kismet? Kismet dolls are offered only to people who do not have a Fig&me doll in their home. Perhaps I just need to ponder a little more. In the mean time I will let you with these images of a sweet cloth baby who is bringing me much happiness this day. Enjoy!

Sweet Baby Georgia, a handmade cloth doll

Come with me.