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Sweet Baby Georgia, a handmade cloth doll

Well, sorry for taking so long to come up and offer up this little bit of sweetness, in the shape of an all natural handmade baby doll, by the name of Georgia. Some family business kept us very busy, but here she is: Baby Georgia is ready to find her new home. Gigi, as we lovingly call her here, is a sweet doll with a lovely personality. She loves to play, is learning to grasp (really tight!), and is on her way to learn to crawl. She loves to be carried around, and especially loves to look at trees and animals. Gigi is ready to go to a new home, where she can be played with gently and where she can bring many hours of baby giggles.


This is the first doll available with this new baby pattern. The pattern has many new designs, is completely different than my regular dolls. It has glass beads in her belly, to add weight and a bit more realistic feel when holding her. She is stuffed with wool, made with cotton jersey and has mohair bouclé for hair. Her arms and legs are quite moveable, but she is not jointed.

Baby body

All dressed up.

Diaper duty

This doll, due to the weight and the pose-ability is recommended for a child 6+. Most small children hold and carry their doll by the arms, since she is weighted I do not recommend handling her like that. It will create a lot of stress on her arm/shoulder seams if she is tot around by the arms. Therefore, I strongly recommend this doll for an older child, that can appreciate the baby-like qualities of this doll, while at the same time playing with her in the same manner: carrying her like you would carry a baby. She is approximately 20" tall. She will fit in the regular clothes I make for the 16"/21" dolls since they are all made with different proportions and can share clothes quite easily, but with a slightly different style.

Gigi resting

Baby clothes

Baby Georgia has a bit of a trousseau: a linen kimono top and pants, both lined in cotton chambray (babies needs softness around them). The kimono top closes with two mother-of-pearl buttons, and has cotton trim throughout. Her diaper is made of cotton velour and waffle knit, closes with two snaps. Booties have ties, so they don't slip off, and her hat is also knit with the same wool yarn. Her bib is made of cotton and velour, and closes with a pretty pink snap. For night time, she comes with her cotton bunting sleeper. Overall I think she has the perfect clothing to spend many hours playing with her.

Baby Georgia

If you would like to bring Georgia into your home, please leave a comment in this post, with your name, email address and country of residence. I will select a home for Georgia on Monday November 12, around noon EST. The price for this doll and her clothes is $375 USD plus postage charges to where you live. Thank you so much for reading about Baby Georgia and for considering giving her a family to belong to. Please only leave a comment if you are personally interested in bringing Georgia into your home. Thank you everybody, and good luck.


Thank you kindly everybody! A family has now been selected, and it only took longer than expected because I was entranced embroidering a little doll's face. My apologies! 
If all goes well baby Gigi will soon be traveling to her new home, 
where she will be welcomed by a loving family.
Thank you, once again, for your kindness and your love for my work. 
Be back soon with lots to talk about 
these group of boys who are making me so happy!

At play.

Baby Gigi and a baby snowflake