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At play.

Sand in your boots
I know that some of you are very excited and eager for me to introduce the next collection. How do I know this? well, the emails are starting to pour. Can you give me a hint? how many dolls? what are their names? I giggle because as much as I want to tell you, I feel like the dolls in this collection are special and they do not need to be talked about too too much before you can actually see them. Then you will see what the fuss was all about. In the mean time I will distract you with photos of our weekend.

At play
The name for this collection has given me inner struggle since the moment I came up with it. Back in January, I woke up one day (or perhaps I took a nap) with this idea. I was going to make an entire series of dolls based on ancient warriors. Now, the "warrior" part and its straight association with conflict, has given me much fabric to cut from this year. Making toys that glorify war? Making dolls that play about violence? It was all a bit too much for me. Some times I didn't think they were actually going to happen. But how could I? I just didn't want to scratch that surface, you know?

At play

But little by little, all these dolls grew into me, literally. I could see the value in playing imaginatively about being a knight, not only defending damsels in distress, but also protecting the village; or the scout who goes ahead and makes sure the land is safe for the convoy; the sailor that must strike to conquer new lands; the ancient warrior that defends and protects the elders and those vulnerable. And a part of me wanted to make them all boys, perhaps a very old-fashioned view on the subject. But no, the dolls kept talking to me. One specifically, who I was certain was going to be a jolly fella, said to me "But I am no boy, I refuse to, I am a girl and I demand to have long and luscious hair, and an extra set of clothes to boot". So there you have it.

While designing their outfits, and coming up with the "weapons" of choice, has been quite the ride; the execution has been painfully slow and the stories are just brewing. And when I say brewing, I mean literally brewing. There hasn't been a moment when I am not reading about their cultures, their points in time, about the development of their mythologies; I have gone as far as listening to their respective music, so to speak, to really guide my hands when I have had the pleasure of working on them. I have worked this deeply on a few dolls in the past, but I really feel that with this group is all or nothing. Either I make them the way I envisioned them, or they won't feel right.

F and A

So now we wait. I know. We have all been waiting for at least two months, haven't we? But believe you me, we are getting closer. I don't want to push the buttons of the woodworker in the house, as he must work deeply and very slowly. I am just bursting at the seams over here, wanting to play with the dolls and their "toys". So for now, still nothing. But a lot of hope and a cute smile. You will see four warriors: a samurai, a viking, a lakota, and a mongolian rider. And her, the object of my affection. Just saying her name makes me shiver (and giggle a little). Ok now, to stop the rambling and get back to work. See you soon my friends, patience.

And this week's happenings...

Sweet Baby Georgia, a handmade cloth doll