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Poet gathers bouquets.

Poet, by Fig and me.

My precious Poet, (a 20" cloth doll I decided to keep as mine) has decided to gather some daily floral posies for my friend Juliane's challenge #onebouquetperday on Instagram. This will be her third year doing it, and while we wanted to participate last year, life got massively in the way. So this year is our year, we said. Poet will be the flower gatherer while the small little flowers bloom, and once bigger blossoms arrive, the little girls in the house will be putting together their daily selection. We hope to get to know more flowers, and also have a small little ritual as part of our daily routine. If you want to participate, you are more than welcome.

Poet gathering flowers, by Fig and me.

Poet wears Pulmonaria (Lungwort) in her hair, by Fig and me.

Poet by the camp site, by Fig and me

The trick is you have to name the ingredients of your bouquet, which makes you pay attention to what you are actually gathering. We now posses a little bit of knowledge in regards to the majority of the wildflowers that bloom around us so we feel confident enough to participate. Poet is very eager to learn more, and the little girls are excited to document their floral adventures this way. We have one lonely daffodil blooming at the moment therefore we felt too mean to cut it, so we have to get crafty while Spring starts to unfold part of its beauty. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Tackling the list.

Tackling the list.

Dollmaking tips, adding shoulders to your pattern.